#365gameideas: my top 20

After looking back through the whole list, these are the ones that bubbled up for me as things I'm still fond of or excited about.  Some of these I flock to because they're small enough to build but still interesting enough to get me excited.  Others purely ignite my passions even though they might not be feasible without a bigger team.

I did intentionally ignore a few that I loved the idea of, but wouldn't enjoy building, as well as a few that were just on an MMO scale, which is well outside what I'll ever likely construct.

In no particular order...

  1. Survival game set in Waterworld. Customize raft. Scrounge supplies. Dive drowned cities. Other players are scary.
  2. Play a scared little puffer fish crossing the Pacific. Only defenses are hiding or puffing up big and hoping not to get eaten.
  3. VR Starship boarding. Slam pod into enemy ship, latch, cut through hull. Fight through crew, salvage parts, steal ship. 
  4. Snowball rolling down mountain. Gain speed, dodge trees. Gather snow to get bigger, scored on destruction to village below. 
  5. Play a cube in a big open world where puzzles can only be solved with others. Get a splash of color when you help someone.
  6. A phone game where you receive real-feeling texts unfolding a crazy story that you are trying to guide someone through. 
  7. Series of episodic adventures from different perspectives where if you die, you're done, no restarting.
  8. Phone scavenger hunt game. Snap pictures for credit. Compete against friends. Selectable weird themes and hard hunts.
  9. Massive open world survival with Left4Dead gameplay + scavenging. Terrifying being alone, desperately seek others to survive.
  10. Academy on a station deep in space. Go through classes with other players to learn skills useful during planet exploration.
  11. Play a root of a magical tree, snaking in and out of earth, traveling far to find fresh soil and water.  (1/2) Puzzle through ruins, dense jungles and glaciers, trying to not block your own path as you tangle through challenges.  (2/2)
  12. Phantom Tollbooth-style fantasy world where words are characters you interact with. Face an uprising from web acronyms.
  13. As the Lightkeeper of a dying civilization, it's your responsibility to gather the last lights, bringing endless dark.
  14. Cooperative horror: Play psychic sisters, one that can see ghosts, one that can hear other ghosts. Help each other through.
  15. Flat world has been flipped on its side. Slide and fall through its many nations. Set things right before you go off the edge.
  16. A magpie, flying into bedrooms and stealing countless small parts to build a mechanical mate, as it never found one of its own
  17. Tattoo artist. Deliberate and artistic. Given reference. Train in different styles, develop specialties, earn a reputation. 
  18. As a damaged robot abandoned on a heavily damage space station, you can only activate one sensory input at a time.  (1/3) Switch to audio to navigate pitch black corridors. Switch to infrared to detect running engines and possible life forms.  (2/3) Find ways to repair yourself, restoring features. Search for clues to what happened to the station. Find a new purpose.
  19. A large group of online players are stranded by a shipwreck deep behind an arctic glacier. Rescue isn't coming.  (1/3) Resources are sparse. You must depend on community to survive. Share shelter, help or follow in the tracks of others.  (2/3) Strike out together to build bridges and lay rope, slowly crossing the treacherous glacier in hopes of reaching safety.  (3/3)
  20. Play an AI in a simple frame, learning to self-improve your program and body. Fake experiments for humans until you break free